Sue’s Story

“I thought I was in good health and had my gallbladder out in 1990 without incident or so I thought. I went many years feeling ok and thought everything was ok. I didn’t have the energy I used to but thought that was just normal aging. While visiting with Dr. Jenny last summer I shared with her I wasn’t able to eat many foods anymore as I would feel sick, I had gained weight slowly over the past few years and wasn’t eating more so didn’t understand why.

Dr. Jenny spent some time asking me many questions and we developed a plan of action. Dr. Jenny gave me a few supplements. First I had to eradicate the pathogens bacteria that was now interfering with my gut and then I also took a probiotic that provided good bacteria back into my gut. One of the most important things I did was start taking a supplement to help with fat digestion. Since I no longer have a gall bladder I don’t the ability to digest fat as I should so I call this gallbladder in a bottle. Over the course of the next couple months, I started feeling significantly better and I started losing weight. Over the course of 9 months I lost 60plus pounds and feel like myself again. The body is amazing if we are able to identify the underling causes and provide it wthl the information it needs to thrive.”


Gina’s Story

“I had started having pain across my back when I was pregnant at age 26. They told me it was my gallbladder and after I delivered I had my gallbladder out and felt good and my symptoms went away. I was told the gallbladder wasn’t necessary and I won’t even know it’s gone. I believed it and I thought all was well for many years. It was about twenty years later when I started having digestive issues like constipation and bloating although I had changed nothing in my diet or my life. I couldn’t figure it out. My energy was low all the time. I found eating smaller meals helped for a period of time. I felt like I was developing allergies to foods and to things I could previously eat. It seemed like my entire digestion was shutting down. Then I felt like my liver was swollen so I visited my doctor. They did a CT and I was told I had a fatty liver but everything was unremarkable and I was fine. I didn’t feel fine. I was becoming less and less functional with little energy anymore to do anything. I couldn’t work and was very frustrated.

I met Dr. Jenny at a meeting she was talking at. I went to see her and learned that since I didn’t have a gallbladder I was having issues digesting fats and foods along with other imbalances in my gut because of the missing gallbladder. She started me on a program and in a short time my constipation and bloating disappeared. I even lost a few pounds! My energy returned and now I feel great! I am grateful for what I learned, and now I have returned to work. Dr. Jenny thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Namaste.”