Was your gallbladder the UNDERLYING ISSUE to your symptoms that resulted in the removal of your gallbladder OR is there a ROOT CAUSE that hasn’t been Identified yet?

Was your gallbladder the UNDERLYING ISSUE to your symptoms that resulted in the removal of your gallbladder OR is there a ROOT CAUSE that hasn’t been Identified yet?

According to a study in Clinical Gastroenterology (2011) it was stated that nearly 800,000 gallbladder removal surgeries or cholecystectomies are performed every year at a cost of more than $6 billion.  Abdominal pain persists in up to 50 percent of patients after surgery suggesting that doctors need a better way to determine if surgery will be beneficial.

The real question is:  Was your gallbladder the root cause of your symptoms?

Think of every symptom as a conversation. That symptom is trying to tell you something. Since the body cannot speak to you in words, it uses pain or bloating or other symptoms to get your attention! Unfortunately few people have experience at speaking this language so we ignore the message, or shoot the messenger with medications or surgeries to alleviate those symptoms.

Within that conversation, there are two components. There is the physical issue that we focus primarily on but what gets lesser attention is the emotional or stress component to the symptoms.

Physically, the key issue since removing your gallbladder is You’ve LOST YOUR FILTER! There is no longer a container or filter for the bile resulting in a consistent flow of bile into the small intestine instead of the sporadic concentrated surges previously provided and needed to digest fats.

This unregulated flow and loss of a filter causes problems for many people and produces a myriad of symptoms like diarrhea, but sometimes it can cause others to have constipation, bloating, gas and indigestion.

Less talked about is the stress or emotional component. How can emotions be related? Are you aware that every organ is associated with an emotion? Do you know the key emotion for the gallbladder?

The primary emotion related to the gallbladder is resentment. Two other emotions that are also tied to the gallbladder through the liver is anger and frustration. These emotions left hidden and unacknowledged can continue to cause issues regardless of whether the gallbladder is gone or not.

Please remember that  every symptom and illness is simply trying to get your attention and tell you that you are out of balance. There is a  SOLUTION!

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Our symptoms and illness can be traced back to an imbalance in one of 3 key body systems; (usually a combination)

1. Digestive System – which starts with food-identifying and remove foods that are acting as allergens/sensitivities. Nutritional deficiencies such as B12 and zinc for example. The inability of the gut to break down fats and other nutrients from lack of HCL or other enzymes.

2. Hormones – Of the dozens of hormones, four categories are vital: insulin resistance, the stress response and adrenal insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction and sex hormone dysfunction.

3. Detoxification – We have a toxin burden that we encounter every day that that puts an undue stress on our bodies and the inability to detoxify inhibits our ability to heal.

In addition to these three systems that are involved in illness is our minds. The mind and body connection is an amazing untapped power house. Our thoughts and beliefs can hinder us from healing or empower us to heal. Learning how to use the mind can assist us to heal beyond our imaginations. There are countless studies documenting the power of the mind to heal and realizing the potential the mind has opens up many doors during the healing process.

Within those three systems,  there are FIVE root causes that are commonly found:

woman thinking about her symptoms

The five most common root causes are: 

1. Dietary- food allergens or sensitivities:
Did you know that it is common to have delayed reactions to foods? We typically think of an allergy as something we see immediately. However foods can produce a reaction for 2-3 days which makes it confusing to identify culprits that are causing problems.

Gluten is the big word these days that are causing issues and have produced multi million dollar companies producing gluten free foods. It is important to identify whether you have a reactivity to gluten. However there are also other culprits that can cause havoc and they are called lectins. These unfortunately are found in healthy foods like apples, beans and other legumes. When I learned that, I was so frustrated to think I was eating healthy and I was still reacting to healthy foods! Bottom line is that is important to identify what foods you are reacting to and which foods are supportive to restore your gut and life!

2. Nutritional deficiencies:

There are many vitamin and minerals that provide key roles in digestion.  Zinc and B12 are two of them.  Stress and our diets can deplete these nutrients causing  an inadequate  environment to digest your foods to give you energy to sustain you throughout the day.

3. Biochemical:

A deficiency in Hydrochloric acid( helps with protein digestion) is a common issue that is often overlooked.  An  inability to digest fats or imbalance in good and bad bacteria is also very common.  There are many steps along the digestive tract that need to functioning well. Stress once again and simply aging can influence these factors and create an imbalance within the gut. 

4. Hidden infections:
  1. Hidden infections such as viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal. I have found over the years that infections are often over looked and are a KEY player when the gut isn’t healing or there is simply gut symptoms.  Identification of any infections is vital to promoting healing within the gut.
5. Stress-physical or psychological:
We all have stress and we will always have  some as we live this life.  However it can wreak havok in our bodies if not addressed and solutions are not found to deal with stress appropriately. Sometimes just identifying the stress is half the issue. Identification then can lead to simple steps to alleviating the stress or at least learning the tools to deal with the stress rather than avoiding it.   

Do you know whether any of these issues are contributing to your current symptoms?

If you are still having symptoms, perhaps  one or more of issues is preventing you from healing.  I invite you to schedule your free consultation OR are you ready to address your issues now, schedule your hour appointment now. 

If you are like many of the people I have worked with, you are
suffering with many of the symptoms mentioned above

and are finding NO help.

I have found over time that the majority of people who no longer have their gallbladders have a combination of factors involved in their symptoms.

If the underling root causes are not identified, present symptoms will continue or new issues can accumulate producing a state of ill heath. It is difficult to be active and be a part of your family activities and isolation becomes more of the norm over time. Simplistic things like going out to eat with your friends and family is avoided because of the potential consequences and the unknown factor of what might happen.

The long term impact that can affect your daily energy to play with your kids and your spouse are infrequent and not what you want them to be.

The solution is to identify your underlying factors contributing to your symptoms and Connect the Underlying Dots to restore your health to live symptom free!

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