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Whether you just recently had your gallbladder removed or it has been many years, it is time to restore your health and start thriving!  If you have not read my ebook yet, please go to the home page and start reading!   If you have already read the ebook, I Invite you to join me in  my new THRIVING WITHOUT A GALLBLADDER PROGRAM

• Bring your symptoms and lets have a conversation as every symptom is a message and trying to tell you something about the imbalances within your body.

• Let’s initiate the conversation and create a strategy for you to restore your health and thrive without a gallbladder!

• Schedule  a free 20 minute troubleshooting session with me OR if you are ready to start healing  schedule an appointment with me now!


During your individual 45 minute-1 hour consultation we will:

  1. go over your history and evaluation of your past and present day symptoms.
  2. Identification of the underlying issues contributing to your problems.
  3. Education to initially understand why you are having the symptoms you have.
  4. Suggestions about creating a healthy mind frame around your body changes
  5. A personal strategy  necessary for you to restore function to your digestive system regardless of no longer having a gallbladder.


We will go step by step  to identify the underlying issues producing your symptoms.  Upon identifying the factors we need to address, we will create a customized plan that will enable you to:

  • No longer worry about have accidents after meals or be close to the bathroom
  • Live without  discomfort
  • Have a healthy digestive system  that will give you more energy
  • Be able to go out to eat with your family and friends
  • Live freely without restrictions
  • I will work with you every step of the way while you  restore your digestive system and are free of symptoms through your customized plan.



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