Recent articles and news I have written regarding the Gallbladder, Gut and Hormone health.

Other gut issues

Whether you have a diagnosis of Irritable bowel, SIBO, Crohns or other digestive issues, there are commonalities that need to be addressed no matter what the name you’ve been give to your issues or your symptoms are. That’s because the digestive system functions in a...

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Hidden Infections

Hidden Infections We have trillions of bacteria in the gut. We have learned that the bacterial DNA in our gut actually outnumber your own DNA by a large number! This bacterial DNA has many crucial functions as it regulates your immune system, digestion and intestinal...

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How does my digestion work

Heal Your Gut There are entire books written about the topic of digestion. More than 100 million Americans  have digestive problems.  For those of you who are reading this, you likely don’t have a gallbladder and thus have an additional challenge to a...

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